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It’s the Final Countdown: 2024 Healthcare Open Enrollment Deadline is December 15th!

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

In case you didn’t have enough holiday hustle and bustle to think about, we’re also down to the wire on healthcare open enrollment for the 2024 plan year. But fear not; the #TRN team has the scoop on what to do next if you haven’t completed the enrollment process yet.

Step one: deep breath. We will help you own this.

2024 healthcare open enrollment; woman on laptop

ACA Marketplace Deadlines

For most states, the 2024 healthcare open enrollment window ends on December 15, 2023. For most ACA Marketplace shoppers, that means that by December 15, you’ll want:

  • your Marketplace eligibility, projected income, and potential tax credits are approved in

  • your policy decisions are locked in with your insurance carrier/s

  • to have paid your first monthly premium, so your insurance kicks in bright and early on January 1st

But what should you do if you’re just not there yet, or even worse if you forgot about the whole thing? Don’t worry: you can still get back on track when you’ve got the right resources at your fingertips. Let’s start by hunting down that old password (or resetting it) and take a look at our top tips below!

Check out our 2024 Healthcare Open Enrollment Library

Need a refresher course on Marketplace shopping, or don’t remember the difference between an HMO and an EPO? Look no further than Trusted Referral Network’s library of open enrollment and health insurance resources.

Don’t Assume That Your Plan Automatically Rolls Over As-Is

You still need to log into your account to re-apply for eligibility and assess your projected income for next year’s healthcare tax credits.

You should also reassess your policy from this past year to see if it still meets your needs and how next year’s projected income and potential healthcare expenses could affect your plan.

The good news is that once you’ve logged into, the platform walks you step by step through the process of confirming your eligibility, household, and income information.

Understand Your Options After the December 15th Deadline

What happens if you’re reading this on December 16th and realize you didn’t complete your 2024 insurance enrollment?


Once again: deep breath. You’ve got this. And you still have options for securing 2024 healthcare coverage. For one thing, the December 15th enrollment deadline is to ensure coverage beginning January 1st, but you still have some wiggle room (until January 15th, to be exact) to secure a plan that kicks in on February 1st.

Depending on what’s going on in your life, a special enrollment period may also be an option for you if you miss the final open enrollment deadline in January.


If you found yourself running late on that December 15th deadline, take the time to get back on track now as the secondary deadline approaches.

Consult a Licensed Expert (for FREE)

But let’s say that between all the demands of the holiday season, shopping for healthcare just got too overwhelming or confusing on top of everything else. Trust us, we’ve been there. That’s why we’re big fans of calling in an expert to do some of the homework for us.

One thing we learned way too late in our adult lives is that we could get a licensed, trustworthy health insurance agent to guide us through the whole process without having to pay out of pocket for their expertise.

Health insurance agents come fully armed with industry knowledge and policy know-how to handle the tough questions and filter all of the information overload into the best, most affordable options for you. How do we know? Because we work with the very best agents every day.

Ready to find the right agent for you? Let’s do this. Connect with an expert here.


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