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National Wellness Month

Updated: Sep 5

The coming of August brings us another round of National Wellness Month, an annual celebration dedicated to healthy habits and self-care. And with several months left in 2023, we can reflect on and recommit to our wellness goals for the remainder of the year. Let's do this.

National Wellness Month; Yoga on the beach

Wellness Resolutions Revisited

Think back to the beginning of 2023. Did you set some New Year's Resolutions or specific fitness goals? Maybe you registered to run your very first 5K, took up meditation, or set your sights on a cabin getaway in the mountains.

Then maybe around March, routines and ruts got in the way. Perhaps an injury derailed that 5K, or work commitments put your vacation time on the back burner. Life happens, and that's okay.

Wellness as a Lifelong Journey

When we think about a personal commitment to wellness and self-care, we may envision taking a luxurious bubble bath, downing a colossal plate of vegetables, or splurging on cute (and potentially pricey) workout gear. But self-care can also be about all the little habits and checkpoints in our lives contributing to long-term wellness.

Self-care is about the lifestyle decisions that help us do what we enjoy for as long as possible. You don't have to overhaul your nutrition plan overnight, and you don't have to feel shame after indulging in a little extra mac and cheese. Start with something simple, like a ten-minute daily walk or an extra serving of greens.

National Wellness Month; Live Well Scrabble message

Wellness as a Holistic Mindset

And just as our health and wellness goals can be broken down into small but lifelong steps, we can infuse all aspects of our lives with a wellness focus. It's not just about nutrition and fitness; financial, social, work-life balance, and other habits all count toward our overall health and outlook.

So take it one step at a time with some fresh, fun perspective on self-care and lifelong health. No crash diets or overnight fitness overhauls are needed; just a little patience and willingness to get back on the wagon at your own pace.

Committing to National Wellness Month: What's Next?

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And one last piece of advice to remember: Wellness is a marathon, not a sprint.

NEXT: Getting Your Health Habits Ready for Summer


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