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Simple Ways to Observe Earth Day 2023

Updated: May 22, 2023

Every April 22nd, Earth Day reminds us to pause and reflect on the health of the planet we all share. With over 8 billion planetary residents and counting, it's clear that decisive large-scale action is needed to continue protecting our environment.

But how can we, as individuals, take our first step?

Woman's hand holding a plant for Earth Day
Earth Day 2023

Start Small, Start Today

It's normal to feel discouraged or powerless when we think about the effects of pollution, deforestation, and other environmental issues happening in our world today.

But Earth Day inspires action and change and shows us the power of small but meaningful conservation efforts. Check out our list of simple, practical ways you can help!

Reduce Waste

Cut down on at-home paper waste by choosing paperless billing with your lenders and service providers. You can also help conservation efforts while reducing unsolicited ads and other junk mail by registering with the Direct Marketing Association's (DMA) opt-out list.

You can also trade out some of your single-use items for reusable ones. Reusable shopping bags, coffee cups, lunch bags, and water bottles can go a long way toward reducing the need for disposable packaging. (And they're often pretty cute too.)

Ease up on Utility Usage

Conserving energy reduces air and water pollution and can help you save money on your utility bills, proving that energy efficiency is good for you and your community. Turn off lights, appliances, and devices when they're not in use, be mindful of the amount of running water you use, and consider minor adjustments to your thermostat and water heater temperatures so they don't have to work quite as hard.

Volunteers helping during Earth Day
Working together for Earth Day

Consider a Local Community Project

This one can be beneficial if you're new to an area. Check with your local government agencies or nonprofit organizations to learn about road or beach cleanups and other grassroots efforts to aid wildlife or your chosen conservation cause. Getting directly involved in a volunteer project allows you to meet and learn from other locals while you do something beneficial for your community.

Donate Toward Positive Change

Don't have time to get personally involved in a project? For less than the cost of a latte, you can support global reforestation and other conservation efforts. To donate to a specific project, use a discovery tool like Charity Navigator to find reputable charity organizations.

Learn More about Earth Day

Visit's Billion Acts of Green project center to learn more about active conservation initiatives and how you can get involved.

And remember: You don't have to change all of your habits overnight. The goal is to make gradual changes we can sustain over time and to do our part. As Ernest Hemingway once said, "The earth is a fine place worth fighting for." Start small; start today.

Happy Earth Day from your #TRN team!


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