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Why You Should Regularly Reassess Your Health Insurance Needs

We get it: researching and selecting your healthcare coverage doesn't necessarily rank on your top ten (or even one hundred) list of things to do. So when you finally settle on a plan, setting it aside and forgetting it is tempting. But before you let your health insurance plan gather too much dust, look at TRN's reasons to reassess your coverage and needs regularly.

Woman running and assessing her health needs

Your Life Can Change

We're humans; change is what we do! Whether you're going from single life to getting married and starting a family, or you've developed a chronic condition or the need for surgery, our lives can change at any time. Likewise, the plans we make, and the healthcare we choose under different circumstances can quickly become outdated.

Just as you wouldn't try to squeeze a family of four into your bachelor pad or sports car from twelve years ago, it's also essential to make sure your healthcare planning fits your current needs and reality.

Doctor examining baby to assess needs

The Market Can Change

If you've ever been dropped by your favorite primary care doctor or specialist because they no longer accept your health insurance, you've also learned that the market can change. Healthcare providers and insurance companies are constantly assessing and reassessing costs and risks, which can result in changes to your provider networks, treatment options, and coverage over time.

Regardless of our opinions on the pros, cons, and general effectiveness of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010, there's no denying its influence on the American healthcare system ever since. The greater political and legal landscape can also directly affect millions of consumers and their choices. The ACA, COVID-19, the rise of telehealth, and essential Federal Drug Administration (FDA) decisions are just a few examples of why we should all stay tuned and on top of our healthcare planning. Related: What to Know Before You Pick a Health Insurance Plan

Healthcare Itself Can Change

On top of all that, let's not forget that science and medicine are constantly evolving. Remember when smoking used to be considered a healthy and glamorous habit? Remember when the cumbersome iron lung was considered the most advanced treatment against highly contagious and destructive upper respiratory viruses?

Okay, we admit you might not personally remember that one. But the fact is, even with the years since Covid, and certainly within our lifetimes, we've seen significant breakthroughs and changes in the medical field. The technology you find in today's handheld smart inhaler surpasses that of entire medical facilities of yesteryear. You deserve to know about the quality of life improvements available to you.

Specialist testing and examining results in a lab

Get An Expert To Reassess Your Health Insurance

Is it all feeling a little too confusing and unpredictable? Understood. Health insurance can be an overwhelming topic to tackle alone, so Trusted Referral Network has made it our mission to match consumers with the most highly qualified healthcare advisors working today.

When you work with a licensed health insurance agent committed to understanding and educating their clients, you can receive guidance tailored to your situation and needs. So if you need help finding an agent, that's our specialty.


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