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Boost Your Workday Focus With These Tools & Tips

Who hasn't felt that Monday morning attention span slipping these days? If you find that the daily caffeine boosts just don't work like they used to, take a look at our list of tools and tips to get your mental focus back on track.

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Better Sleep: The Foundation of Focus

It all starts with getting quality sleep and the right amount of it. It's hard to overstate the impact of sleep on learning, cognitive performance, and working memory. So, whether you have trouble falling or staying asleep, taking the time to get to the bottom of sleep trouble is worth the investment.

The best part of a sleep improvement project is the help we get from modern technology, whether you want to invest in a premium sleep setup or take advantage of some free apps or cheap sleep aids.

Headspace's Bedtime Stories on Netflix is our top pick for better sleep on a budget. Especially the aquarium story, trust us.

Defeating Dehydration

#WaterTok controversy aside (yes, there's a flavored-water controversy happening on TikTok, and it's quite a rabbit hole to explore), science and society still agree that hydration is good for you and your brain.

And if you want to fall down another rabbit hole, check out the advancements that have been made in—we can't believe we're saying it—the water bottle industry. Plan Jane beverage carriers no more; you can now carry your own fashion-forward hydration station that tracks your consumption, infuses your drink with flavor or electrolytes, puts on a light show, cleans itself, or other unexpected features.

Our top pick for helpful hydration: We like to keep it simple and stylish, so we're digging the Giotto Motivational Water Bottle, available in several sizes and color schemes.

Soundscape or Soundless: Curating the Noise

We'll never quite understand how some people can listen to podcasts and work simultaneously (seriously, how do you divide your brain that way?). Still, regarding background noise and distractions, everyone's tolerance and preferences differ. If you find yourself wishing you could reduce some background distractions without going into full noise-canceling headphones, check out the latest round of noise-canceling earbuds that can be adjusted to filter out just the right amount of distractions.

People gathered around work table with focus head[hones.

On the flip side, if podcasts or music with lyrics are a bit too distracting, but you want just a little something playing in the background, check out binaural beats. Countless examples of these easygoing and mentally stimulating soundscapes are available on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Our top pick for lowkey noise management is Loop Earplugs, which come in various styles and noise cancellation levels and are versatile enough for use in the office or at a music festival.

Movement for Mental Stimulation

Whether you like an old-fashioned lunchtime walk or a fully gamified exercise experience, don't forget to set aside time to move during your workday. A sedentary lifestyle or sitting for several hours a day can put our cardiovascular health at risk, but the good news is that adding movement to your daily routine can be pretty simple but massively beneficial for your mind and body.

Our top pick for daily movement: an under-the-desk exercise bike. If you can't leave your desk, fight off the 2 p.m. fatigue and stay engaged with a relatively inexpensive and portable solution.


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