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Alternative Healthcare Options: HealthKarma

Updated: May 6, 2022

Telehealth appointments, also known as virtual doctor appointments, are becoming more and more popular these days. More and more people are choosing to video chat with their doctors rather than go in for a physical appointment.

There are many reasons why telehealth is a great option for those looking for medical care. Telehealth can be used for preventative care, to treat minor illnesses, to get a second opinion, or to access specialty care. Plus, it’s incredibly convenient if you need a prescription fast.


HealthKarma is the leading choice for telehealth appointments. HealthKarma is a platform that connects you with healthcare services and providers that fit your needs. Whether insured or uninsured, they make it easy for people like yourself by providing an online virtual platform where all of these great offers can be found!

Virtual Primary Care

Virtual Appointments with your chosen doctor. The possibilities are endless with this amazing new technology, which will allow you to choose from thousands of doctors who have already been vetted by their peers and ranked according to quality metrics including patient reviews!

The best part about telehealth appointments is that you can do them from anywhere so long as you have a smartphone or computer. You can request and get scheduled appointments in as little as 24 hours.

You can make sure to see your preferred doctor who can help you manage chronic conditions like asthma and diabetes. With ongoing treatment plans our experts will be always available for any follow-up visits that are needed to keep your condition under control. Virtual primary care is available for patients 2 years old and up.

Annual Wellness Exam

Realizing that you need to see a doctor soon? In just 24 hours from now, we will be able to help with that by scheduling an appointment for annual checkups and sending over prescriptions if necessary! Also, all visits are included in your membership fee so you never have to pay when you make an appointment.

Behavioral Therapy

HealthKarma is here to help you and your loved ones with any emotional health issues. Whether it be anxiety, stress, or depression our master’s level therapists can provide on-demand support wherever you are located by connecting them with a therapist directly that best suits them.

You can get instant, in-the-moment help from our live consultations. No need for a callback or scheduling an appointment because it’s available now! These chats are completely confidential and typically last 30 minutes long with the therapist providing you some guided solutions after your conversation as well if they think it is appropriate.

Urgent Care

With Urgent Care, you can get the care your body needs when it is most critical. With a $0 virtual urgent visit and 21-minute wait time on average for help from an expert provider, there’s no better way to get fast results without sacrificing the quality of service or any other important aspects like accessibility in our busy lives!

Urgent care doctors are the solution when you need medical attention quickly. They can diagnose your issue, prescribe medication for it and give recovery instructions if necessary to get back on track with your primary healthcare provider.

Convenience and Care

More and more people are using telehealth services to get the medical help they need for their families. But, how do you find a provider that is right for all your needs?

HealthKarma makes it easy to find a health coach or therapist who will work with your schedule, budget, and preferred method of contact. We can connect you with an expert in as little as 24 hours.

Our network of therapists and doctors has been carefully vetted by our team of healthcare experts so all our members know they are getting the best care available at affordable prices. All our providers use secure video technology so sessions can be scheduled around your busy life. Whether it’s online therapy or your annual wellness we make sure every session is convenient for you!

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