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2024 Cancer Prevention Stats and Tips

As February and Cancer Prevention Month draw to a close, let’s get the most recent update on the medical community’s top tips for cancer prevention and healthy living.

Cancer awareness ribbons; cancer prevention month

While the overall cancer stats can be a mixed bag, we’re seeing some good news and improving numbers on the horizon. Here are some encouraging stats:

Still, these signals of hope go hand in hand with some more sobering data:

Reduce the Risks: Your Cancer Prevention Cheat Sheet

While not all cancer risk factors—like genetic predisposition or workplace exposure to carcinogens—are necessarily within our control, there are some risk factors we can potentially regulate. Check out medical professionals’ top tips for reducing your risk factors.

Lab technician looking at results; cancer prevtion month

Commit to Your Nutrition

It all comes back to a balanced consumption of whole fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains. Experts recommend limiting refined sugars and processed foods, particularly highly processed meats. And while treating yourself to a nice glass of red wine or the occasional beer can have benefits, it’s best to limit your overall alcohol intake.

Not sure where to start? Check out the Mediterranean Diet for some heart-healthy inspiration.

Don’t Forget Your Gut

Round out your nutrition with some probiotic and prebiotic support for your gut health, which is crucial for boosting your immune system and fighting inflammation.

Get Active

Regular physical activity goes a long way toward maintaining strong cardiovascular and immune systems and a healthy weight. While it’s recommended that we aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity per day, evidence suggests that even a short walk, stretch break, or micro workout is much better than nothing.

Don’t Smoke

Cut your cancer risk in half for developing at least 15 types of cancers when you quit smoking. Better yet, don’t even start. And while you’re at it, skip the chewing tobacco too.

A woman breaking a cigarette in half; cancer prevention month

Prioritize Sun Protection

Don’t be one of the roughly 100,000 Americans who will be diagnosed with invasive melanoma in 2024. Wear your sunscreen (and don’t forget to reapply it every two hours), wear sunglasses, hats, and/or protective clothing outdoors, and don’t overdo it on the sunbathing.

Practice Safe Sex

HPV is most commonly associated with cervical cancer, but it can also potentially increase your risk of other cancers. Minimize your risks by consistently using protection and staying on top of your STI tests when needed.

Get Regular Health Screenings

Thanks to modern developments and breakthroughs in medicine, cancer is more preventable and survivable than ever before. But aside from total prevention, the most favorable outcomes often rely on early detection, which comes from regular medical checkups and screenings.

You can learn more about when and what types of health screenings to get here.

Get the Most Out of Your Healthcare Plan

Don’t let an overly complicated, expensive healthcare system be the reason you don’t seek regular screenings and care. If not having an affordable, helpful healthcare plan is what’s holding you back, we can help.

From a full digital library of free health insurance resources to our hand-tailored tools to match you with a licensed and qualified health insurance agent, we’ve got you covered.

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