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What to Do if You Missed Healthcare Open Enrollment

Did the December 15 open enrollment deadline pass you by this year? Don't worry—you still have options for 2024 healthcare coverage. Join the #TRN team as we go over your backup plan basics!

Woman typing on the laptop; Missed Healthcare Open Enrollment

Key 2024 Open Enrollment Dates

If 2024 healthcare open enrollment has been on your radar, you may already be aware of the highly publicized December 15, 2023, signup deadline for most U.S. states. The good news is that while signing up by December 15 ensured healthcare coverage beginning January 1, there's still some wiggle room to get signed up and ready to roll for Marketplace coverage starting February 1. But in order to kickstart your coverage for February, the final enrollment deadline for most states is January 15, 2024.

Now, let's talk about how to fast-track your healthcare planning to meet the final deadline or what to do if you miss it.

Now What? Brushing Up on the How-To's of Healthcare

HMOs, PPOs, premiums, deductibles, gold and silver plans: the jargon alone is enough to get your head spinning. Need a crash course or a quick refresher on the language of open enrollment? Before you dive into the multitude of plan options available through the Marketplace, check out TRN's open enrollment library of resources. 

Whether you're focused on choosing the right family plan or looking for strategies to reduce your monthly healthcare costs, we'll get you up to speed and ready to dive in.

Other Enrollment Options

There are still a few other options in your bag of tricks once the final open enrollment window closes for 2024 coverage. Depending on your life circumstances, special enrollment periods or short-term health insurance allow for signup outside of the standard open enrollment window.

2024 Missed Open Enrollment Healthcare Deadline

Special Enrollment Periods

You may qualify for a special enrollment period during any given time of the year based on life changes or circumstances. The most common examples of circumstances that trigger a special enrollment period include:

  • Changes in residence

  • Changes in household size

  • Loss of previous health insurance coverage

  • Becoming a U.S. Citizen

Find out more about qualifying for a special enrollment period here.

Short-Term Health Insurance

Short-term health insurance is precisely what it sounds like - a temporary coverage plan that fills in gaps between permanent policy options. Short-term plans are generally designed to provide minimal or emergency coverage and aren't specifically built for the long haul; coverage can be limited, and its accompanying deductibles can be much higher than for standard healthcare plans.

If you're concerned about going without medical coverage and are considering enrollment in a short-term plan, we recommend consulting a licensed health insurance agent first so you can find out if it's the best option for you.

This leads us to our final (and most essential) recommendation…

Running out of Time or Feeling Post-Holiday Overload? Get Expert Health Insurance Help (for FREE)

For the ultimate cheat sheet on hand-tailored healthcare plans, our secret weapon is a consultation with a licensed health insurance agent. They have access to countless options, know the ins and outs of coverage and care, and have the lowdown on the best plans for unique needs.

While consumers often hesitate to contact an agent due to fear of fees or increased out-of-pocket costs, the fact is that a licensed agent has the know-how to help at no additional cost to you. Seriously.

Licensed Agents Give You the Backstage Pass

As a major added bonus, licensed agents can access plans through the private insurance market if you completely missed the open enrollment window and don't qualify for a special enrollment period through the Marketplace. So don't lose hope; let's talk about how to get your healthcare policy hunt back on track.

How to Find a Licensed Health Insurance Agent

Luckily, that's our expertise. We've spent countless hours vetting agents to find the most trustworthy, responsive, and dedicated advisors to guide you through stress-free healthcare planning. We're not insurance agents ourselves, but our passion is connecting health-focused shoppers with the best agents in the industry.

Because if there's one thing we've learned in our long-term wellness journeys, it's that the big decisions in life have to be built on trust. Your health and the decisions tied to it matter, and we're here to help.

Connect to find the right agent for you here.


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