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New Special Enrollment Period for Low-Income Families

When shopping for health insurance, several terms make the process seem more complicated than it is. Understanding metal tiers, open enrollment periods, and the significance of the Affordable Care Act can feel like learning a new language –– which is why the Trusted Referral Network aims to make it easy for you to access the right health coverage.

In addition to simplifying the process of getting access to health insurance, our team tracks changes and trends in the health and human services industry. One recent note-worthy change is the inclusion of a new special enrollment period (SEP) for low-income families. These will make it easier for families below the federal poverty level to access health insurance when needed– without having to wait for the annual open enrollment period.

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Qualifying for the New Special Enrollment Period

Some special enrollment periods require a qualifying life event such as losing employment, getting married, having a child, or moving to a state that does not accept your current insurance. However, this low-income SEP requires that consumers have a household income at or below 150% of the federal poverty level. For a household of one, the income level is $19,320; $26,130 for two; $32,940 for three; and $39,750 for a four-person household.

Those who fit these household income requirements can enroll in Marketplace plans. Individuals who are already enrolled can choose a different plan and have their out-of-pocket ceiling and deductible reset.

Why This New Special Enrollment Period Matters

While there was a time when health insurance was available year-round, the Affordable Care Act has made it so that Marketplace coverage is now only available during an open enrollment period or special enrollment period. A special enrollment period means that individuals who lose coverage or need to change their plan are able to retain seamless coverage, even if they're shopping outside of the annual open enrollment period. In the case of a low-income SEP, those who fall below 150% of the federal poverty level don't have to fear going without coverage until the next open enrollment period.

Find Out If You Qualify for a Special Enrollment Period

If you're looking for health coverage options outside of the annual open enrollment period, the Trusted Referral Network can help you understand your options. This new special enrollment period will help hundreds of thousands of Americans get the access to health insurance they need, and we can help you figure out if you qualify for the low-income SEP.

For help navigating this new special enrollment period and finding the right Marketplace coverage for your needs outside of the annual open enrollment period, call on the Trusted Referral Network.

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